Fair preparations continue

Vendors were busy today at the fairgrounds preparing their tents, shacks, and vans for the opening of the Tanana Valley State Fair this Friday.

The sounds of power drills, hammers and clanking pipes was quite common on the fairgrounds today.
Also, A-one Midway from Manitoba, Canada was on scene just arriving from their successful appearance at the Deltana Fair over the weekend.
The amusement provider was at work setting up their rides which include names like "the Cyclone", Space Fair officials say *now is the time to get your ride bracelets says Tanana Valley State Fair Manager Joyce Whitehorn.
"Our new midway is here, we are so excited they are arriving daily, so we're just welcoming them all.
Right now we have ride tickets on sale for 25 dollars up through the 31st, that's a pre-sale ticket and that gives you one bracelet for one day of rides from either noon to 6 or from 5 until close.
So it's an overlapping hour and everyday you can buy a new bracelet that gives you all the rides you want to ride for those hours."