The FAA closes a contracted Weather Observation Station

A contracted Weather Observation Station that was once saved from closing has been shut down by the FAA due to OSHA violations.

Sequestration, earlier this year had threatened the job of the contracted workers at the Gulkana Station, replacing them with a computerized system called, the Automated Surface Observing System or ASOS.

According to the Memorandum sent by the FAA, the building that housed the workers had quote, "numerous OSHA violations."

The workers were given one hour to vacate the premises, as well as their positions.

One weather observer in Gulkana says the replacement of current observers could cause numerous critical situations.

Earlier this year when the Contracted Weather Observers jobs were in jeopardy, Senator Lisa Murkowski along with other Legislators stepped in, urging Congress to leave the Observers in place.

Now with their jobs lost, only members of Congress can re-instate them.