F-35's coming?

Last month a group of prominent citizens including the Borough Mayor traveled to Luke Air Force Base in Arizona to meet with Air Force officials.

The subject was the re-location of two squadrons of F-35 fighters.

Today at the weekly Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Borough May Luke Hopkins made the announcement that the talks evidently were successful and that he had been alerted to the fact that the U. S, Air Force would make an announcement by the 25th of February of which cities would be on the short list for acquiring the F-35's.



The Mayor says the potential for the economy of Fairbanks is enormous if Fairbanks is selected as the new base for the fighters.

"It will be a lot more families and a lot more military here at Eielson Air Force Base and the support.


But also we'll see Lockheed Martin coming in, as you look at Luke Air Force Base, Lockheed Martin will be the partner there when the F-35's arrive there. At the same time Chamber of Commerce President Steve Lundgren says the chamber is fully behind the proposal.

"The military is one of the chamber's top priorities.

We're very excited to hear about Mayor Hopkins announcement today regarding the F-35's.


We're proud to be part of that effort, the chamber is committed toward doing what we can to move this effort forward and bring the F-35's to Fairbanks."

The Mayor went on to emphasize that the move would not be until 2017 as many repairs and new buildings would have to be in place before the arrival of the squadrons.