Extreme cold shuts down vital services, stress outlets

The extreme temperatures locally are having a huge effect on businesses, as well as vital services.

The "Meals on Wheels" Program, offered by the North Star Council on Aging shuts down the service when temperatures get down to 35 below zero and colder. We spoke to officials with the State agency earlier today who hope to have it back up and running when temperatures improve.

The extreme weather is also wreaking havoc on those seeking to exercise on a daily basis. Fairbanks area Planet Fitness closed to its patrons yesterday, causing a firestorm of response via telephone, Facebook and other social media. Officials with Planet Fitness say problems with their piping system left them with little choice but to shut down operations.

They say they plan to re-open early Friday, but that comes as little consolation to their customers who rely heavily on that outlet, especially during extreme cold snaps when exercise options are limited.