Explosion details coming together.


 A 54–year old local Chiropractor was arrested yesterday in connection with that big explosion that rocked Fairbanks Saturday afternoon in the Chena Pump–Chena Ridge area.
Guy Christopher Mannino was apprehended around 6–30 yesterday morning as he prepared to board an airplane at Fairbanks International Airport.
Mannino is charged with a Felony count of Third Degree Criminal Mischief.
Around 4–15 Saturday afternoon, State Troopers began receiving phone calls reporting an explosion near Heather Drive.
Troopers say that while they were familiar with exploding ordinance and gun fire from that area, Mannino (who is a licensed Federal Explosives dealer) was also urged to increase safety there as well.
They say projectiles routinely leave a "pit" area at Craig O'Donoghue's residence, which is where the incident occurred.
Troopers say up to 18–houses were affected or damaged in the blast, and Mannino is said to have used as much as THREE HUNDRED POUNDS of explosives.
 During court proceedings, KATHRYN BAIRD, PROSECUTING ATTORNEY. said the situation was "very serious and it involved a large amount of explosives which was set off in heavily populated residential  area it's been confirmed so far that at least twelve house in the area have been affected by the blast and troopers are still receiving more information regarding that."
 LAWRENCE REGER DEFENSE ATTORNEY countered "This is a property only crime even as a led intent to cause harm is not implicated. We are looking at recklessness as to the flight risk Mr. Mannino had a professional licensing examination set down in anchorage for tomorrow that he is probably not going to be able to make. Now he has not history of violating conditions of release or anything like that this is a C felony and a property only crime that doesn't even allege malicious intent."
Troopers say Mannino is said to have used a Detonation "cord," "Dyno–A–P" and Boosters to set off an explosion potent enough to register seismic activity at the Alaska Earthquake Information Center on the UAF Campus.
They say it was difficult to set an exact dollar amount in total damages, but it ranged anywhere from FIFTEEN thousand to ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS.
During an arraignment hearing yesterday, State District Court Magistrate Nickole Shick set bail for Mannino at 25–HUNDRED DOLLARS.