Effective 1:00 pm July 7, the Stuart Creek 2 Incident Commander has issued an evacuation notice for residents of Two Rivers and Pleasant Valley. This notice is for all residents and businesses along Chena Hot Springs Road between Mileposts 18 and 34. The evacuation route is west on Chena Hot Springs Road. Once you leave, you may not be able to reenter the evacuation area until the fire danger has passed.

An evacuation center has been established by the Red Cross at Weller Elementary School

, 635 Elementary Drive, located at Mile Post 2.5 on the Chena Hot Springs Road.

Pets and livestock may be taken to the Tanana Valley Fairgrounds.

Large personal property items such as motor homes, boats, and heavy equipment can be left at West Valley High School, 3800 Geist Rd, Fairbanks.

To help keep you informed on the fire developments, a Joint Information Center has been established, please call (907) 356-5511 or monitor the following social media sites: Fairbanks North Star Borough website

http://www.co.fairbanks.ak.us/EmergencyOperations/default.htm, AICC website http://fire.ak.blm.gov/, Fire information twitter updates https://twitter.com/info_ciimt1, and Inciweb http://www.inciweb.org/incident/3468/.

Firefighting priorities are:

The health and safety of the public and firefighters

Providing protection of private residences, cabins, and other improvements within and adjacent to the fire area.

Communication of fire information to the public and all stakeholders.

To assist firefighters in protecting you and your property, please follow instructions given by firefighting and law enforcement officials.

The following steps are recommended to make evacuation easier, safer, and less stressful:

Know where your family members are.

Make certain everyone knows where you will meet after you evacuate.

Make sure everyone in the family knows the evacuation route.

Make arrangements with a friend or family far from the fire to serve as a telephone message center to allow you to stay in touch with your family. Provide that person’s telephone number to friends or relatives who might worry.

Take all prescription medicines.

Stay informed about fire developments.

Remain calm so you can think clearly and act decisively.

Be advised, cell phone networks often get overloaded during emergency situations, alternative methods of communications should be considered.

Be aware of increased fire equipment traffic on area roads. Keep roadways clear; turn headlights on and DO NOT stop or park along the roads to watch the fire or firefighting activities.

Once the fire danger has passed fire officials will notify residents through local media or you may call the Joint Fire Information Center at (907) 356-5511 or by visiting the Borough website shown above.

Alaska Interagency Coordination Center Fire Information Office (JIC) Fort Wainwright, Alaska alaskajic@gmail.com 907-356-5511 phone 907-356-5518 fax