ERA Aviation comes up with a new idea

The Fairbanks International airport had a festive atmosphere today as an idea from the CEO for ERA Aviation became a reality.The concept was to incorporate synergy between the two Universities within the state.

The ERA plane was painted depicting mascots and the names of the University.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is represented by the Nanook Bear on one side of the tail section, while The University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolf is on the other side.

Bob Hajdukovich CEO for ERA Aviation, came up with the novel idea.

"you know we have been putting and aircraft on the air certificate for the last four years and this pacific air plane came up as an opportunity it was right after we had done a donation to the aviation department it got me to thinking about how we could show our synergies with the university system and the state. I have three sons that are going through the university systems, plenty of family members and owners to the company all of the university system just a concept I put together."