EPA Proposes New Wood Stove Regs

FAIRBANKS- The Environmental Protection Agency wants to improve air quality across the country and they proposed increasing efficiency on wood stoves and heaters. Under the changes non–catalytic wood stoves could emit less than 4.5 grams of fine particulate pollution per hour, starting in 2015. The standards would become tighter in 2019, when new stoves could produce up to 1.3 grams per hour. The EPA will take public comment on the proposed standards, which will affect newly manufactured wood stoves. A spokesperson for the Department of Environmental Conservation says, the federal proposal may impact their own proposal to improve wood burning efficiency. Currently DEC has proposed limiting wood stoves to 2.5 grams of fine particulate pollution per hour.

The DEC will host a public hearing in Fairbanks, Tuesday at 5 pm in the Westmark Hotel and an open house, Wednesday, at 5 pm in the Westmark.