Enrollment Data for FNSBSD

FAIRBANKS- Last night, the Fairbanks school district shared updated enrollment numbers with the school board. The numbers dictate how much money the district will receive from the state, based on a per student formula. Superintendent Pete Lewis said they were a little off this year. “Our projection was 14,260 and we're a couple hundred kids below that right now,” Lewis said. Schools haven't officially finished counting student enrollment, they have another week, but they’ve allocated funding based on certain projections. A couple hundred kids equates to about $1.5 million, which sounds like a lot, but it shouldn't have much impact on the school budget.

Board President Kristina Brophy said,, the board basically has a savings account for times like this. “It’s less than a 1% change. We’ve got more than a $240 million budget, so it will impact it to some degree but not greatly,” Brophy said.

 “We try to make sure we're on the conservative side so should something like this happen, we'll make it,” Lewis said. Last year, the projected enrollment was spot on and it’s hard to say why this year was slightly off.