Energy Fair highlights geothermal, LED lights

This weekend Chena Hot Springs hosted their seventh annual Renewable Energy Fair.

Even though the weather wasn't the most hospitable, turnout for the event was impressive.

With the theme  "Renewable is Doable", owner Bernie Karl told the crowd, including many local dignitaries, U.S. Senators and the State Lieutenant Governor, that Chena Hot Springs was now receiving their energy from geothermal wells intead of standard petroleum heating.

Other features included a new LED system in the fresh all-season greenhouse, which uses multi–colored lights that provide the same amount of light as the sun, but use much less energy than the traditional grow lights.

Karl says there is a solution to energy problems in the rural areas.

"I believe that every rural community can be totally sustainable in ten years, if they want to be. Now what I say needs to happen is that we need to bring the brightest and best and that we need to train them to be an imagineer.  To go back to the village and to imagine what they can do to make it better. It’s not us making it better, its them making it better."