Emergency responders

When an emergency situation forces responders locally to become involved, it is important that they know their family is secure during their separation.

Recently an instructor with the Gulf States Public Safety Innovations was in Fairbanks to conduct classes to educate emergency responders on how they could insure their loved ones are taken care of so that they can conduct their mission.

The bottom line is that if the families are taken care of, the responders can in turn take care of those that need their assistance.

Daphne Levinson is with the Gulf States Public Safety Innovations, and is conducting the class. She says the families security is on the minds of responders that are helping in emergency situations.

"This class is different than any other emergency response class because we're teaching them how to prepare their families.

When these people have to work they're the ones that are responding.

Their families are left at home, alone to defend for themselves.

So this class is how to prepare their families.

Sallie Stuuvek with the Fairbanks Northstar Borough is sure these programs will be valuable to responders locally.

"We have individuals that are called upon when our community gets into an emergency.

We just wanted to make sure they are comfortable performing their duties knowing that their families are safe."