The polls closed at 8 last evening, and in the closed republican primary race for state senate seat C, it appears that click bishop is the winner.

He had 49 percent, to Ralph seekins 30 percent.

David Eastman received 21 percent of the votes.

Bishop will face democrat Anne Sudkamp in the November general election — she ran unopposed in the primary,.

Late last evening, before leaving on a plane to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, Seekins said he had no regrets.


Incumbent don young will remain the republican candidate for U.S. house of representatives, young easily garnered the majority of votes against John Cox and Terre Gales.

On the Democrat side, long time Alaskan legislator Sharon Cissna appears to be the victor with 43% of the vote over Debra Chesnut, Matt Moore, Frank Vondersaar, Doug Urquidi, ... libertarian Jim McDermott ran unopposed.

Last night, Republican Don Young, who garnered 79% of the vote for US house of Representatives,  released a statement, saying he was humbled and honored by the support that he has received, and thanking his opponents for spirited races.

He said he firmly believes that Alaska needs someone who will stand up and fight for this state – and as long as he has the fire to serve, he believes he's the best person for the job.


Four republicans faced off for the house district one nomination, Lynette Bergh, Paul Brown, GVEA exec Dave Gardner and current north pole mayer doug isaacson.

The top two were close, with Isaacson drawing 34 percent of the vote, to Brown's 28 percent.

The winner of that contest will face democrat Janice Golub in November.


In House District 5 two Republicans were neck in neck down the stretch last night.

Dentist Pete Higgins, who is currently at the Republican National Convention, was barely ahead of Tour Guide Operator Aaron Lojewski.

Only a few dozen votes separated the candidates at one time.

But as the final precincts reported in, Higgins pulled about 101 votes ahead, giving him a 52 to 48 percent lead.


There were two ballot measures on the Primary Electon ballot yesterday.

Ballot Measure 1 seeks to increase maximum residential property tax exemption from 20,000 dollars to, at most 50,000.

Voters were apparently prepared to allow the increase, but just barely – with 97.7% of precincts reporting, 'no' votes lead by a margin of 51% to 49%

Ballot Measure 2 got plenty of publicity this election.

For years the state of Alaska had a coastal management program, but due to state congressional politics, the program could not get approval to continue.

Supporters of a management program managed to get the issue on the ballot as a measure, but last night, it was resoundly defeated as just over 60 percent of voters said no.