Elderly Fairbanks woman victim of attempted scam

Alaska State Troopers say that an elderly Fairbanks woman was the victim of an attempted scam.

According to Troopers the woman was contacted by 2 men who told her she won 5 thousand dollars with the "American Awards" based out of Las Vegas.

The only catch was she had to meet them alone at a location to give them a 250 dollar money pack from Walmart in exchange for the money on her credit card.

A Credit Card Company confirmed that these types of credits to cards do not occur.

Trooper Spokeswoman Megan Peters said, "The woman was not only able to save herself of being a victim of a scam but she also came forward with the information so others can avoid victimization as well. While this incident was reported out of the Fairbanks area, Alaska State Troopers advice ALL Alaskans to be leery of these types of interactions with strangers."