Education bill moves forward

A proposal that would eliminate required local contributions from cities and boroughs for their schools has cleared the state House Education Committee.


The action came with the understanding that potential constitutional concerns will be looked at by another committee.

The bill, sponsored by Representative Tammie Wilson of North Pole,  repeals language that requires local governments to contribute to their schools.

At a House Minority press conference today, a reporter noted that this is being called the education session, and asked if that meant a natural gas line was being put on the back burner by lawmakers.  House Minority Leader Chris Tuck said  "After this, bills die, so people are wanting to see activity, want to see things happen, and I think it's probably accurate to say it's been a little bit of a cluster but people are moving, people are talking, committees are happening there's hardly any room to stand still it's like cramming for finals every night."