Dukes' Resolution on Gun Rights


In reaction to President Barack Obama's call for tighter gun law legislation and nearly two dozen executive orders signed into action, a local assemblyman is introducing a resolution to the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly in favor of second amendment rights.
Assemblyman Michael Dukes will introduce Resolution 2013 dash 6 at tonight's assembly meeting .
Resolution language reiterates both the Constitutions of the United State and Alaska in protecting the rights of its citizens, or individuals rights to keep and bear arms.
The resolution, if passed, states the Fairbanks North Star Borough will oppose any federal, state or local acts, laws, orders, rules or regulations regarding firearms, firearms accessories or ammunitions.
In an interview last week, Assembly member Dukes said he doesn't believe the U.S. Congress will take up firearm legislation; however, he says even on a local scale, citizens should keep government in check.
Dukes said ""There is no real interest of that in the Legislature, but that doesn't mean we should stay vigilant and keep our eyes on the ball because, like I said, the first time we doze off and go to sleep, it'll be dead of the night again (weapons banning) and this time, I don't think there'll be a sunset on it."