Drones at Chamber meeting

When you hear the word drone, one of the first things you think about is an unmanned flying jet that is used to target and eliminate the enemy in a hostile area.

However when the word "drone "is applied toward the University of Alaska Fairbanks, you get a new and adventurous utilization of the unmanned aircraft.

Today at the weekly meeting for the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce, the guest speaker told the audience that drones were the way of the future and not just for military needs.

The Drone program at UAF is opening new doors everyday, that not only benefit the public, but also bring more revenue into the state.

Gregory Walker who is the Director for the Unmanned Flight program at UAF says drones have many productive uses.

"Some things we talked about today were applications in fisheries, to help observe endangered species.

To help understand how the animals use their habitat.

Where they could be better managed and fisheries could actually be better managed and fisheries could actually become compatible for the fishermen.

We've looked at some sea ice observations, study of sea ice both from a safety operation for shipping and how do you ship the sea ice, and ice present in the water."