Drivers get in two crucial races before the rain

NORTH POLE-Last night at the North Pole Speedway drivers not only raced to beat each other but they tried to beat the rain. The drivers had their cars detailed with pink as a part of BCDC night to support the Breast Cancer Detection Center.

Last week's race was rained out so there were two main events and a heat. In the Bandos makeup main event this was pretty miraculous right in turn four-4 cars spin out and somehow all miss each other. After the restart Sammons would win the main. But then Sammons had nowhere to go and bounced of the bumper of Steven Hunter and spins out in the heat. Hunter would go on tto win the heat that

For the Legends rookie Austin Cote would win the makeup main event. Al Trettel would win the heat race with three drivers on his tail but he held the top position for the victory. Then rain came and ended the night after two races.

Next week is the final week of racing for the Bandos and Legends. The points standings are little interesting. The leads have dwindled. Dave Behling and Justin Sammons will have to show up and finish races strong to win their division titles.

Sammons has a 107 point lead in Bandos and Behling has a 77 point lead in Legends. A lot closer than it's been all season. Al Trettel and Daniel Slayden will be in a battle for second with 27 points between them in Legends.

There will be two main events and a heat race next Thursday. Races start a 7 pm at the North Pole Speedway next Thurdsday.