Drama continues within Alaska GOP.

Alaska Republican Party leaders on Monday voted to oust new party chairwoman Debbie Brown on charges she failed to raise enough money and otherwise fulfill her duties running day-to-day party business.

It's the second time in 10 weeks the party chairperson has been removed from office.

The much-publicized drama began a year ago, when a host of Alaska Tea Party supporters and Ron Paul boosters gained partial control of the state party convention, electing a relatively unknown player in Alaska politics, Russ Millette, to replace longtime, and controversial Alaska GOP head Randy Ruedrich.

Brown was elected vice chair.

Unfortunately, Millette's stay in the position would be brief.

An executive committee of longtime party leaders voted to boot Millette hours before he was to take office last January 31.

The group charged him with failing to raise money and other complaints.

Millette has denied the claims and plans to appeal.

Brown was allowed to stay, assuming the role of chairperson, but party leaders soon made it clear they were looking to replace her too.

They issued a statement Tuesday saying an executive committee found that Brown "could not effectively execute the office of state chair" and that her removal was "in no way an indictment of her (Brown's) character, her political views or opinions."

Brown can appeal her removal at a state Central Committee meeting in May.