Doyon Foundation celebrates 40th anniversary

Today members of Doyon Limited celebrated 40 years of service to the state and local Fairbanks community along with their more than 18,000 shareholders.

Representatives from the Doyon Corporation including the President and CEO Aaron Schutt told local business leaders that the corporation was here to stay.

They also passed along some impressive figures regarding employment personnel within the community, along with numbers regarding charitable giving, construction spending, and the statewide impact the corporation adds to Alaska's economy.

With a successful year behind them, what kind of goals do they foresee for the rest of the year?

Aaron Schutt President and CEO for Doyon Limited said today that the foundation does have big goals for 2012.

"Our goals are growth in bot our profitability and shareholder employment.

We see a great amount of opportunity in new oil and gas exploration here in the interior both on our own land, and at the Nenana–Minto area which is on a state license area.

And then just growth in our business oil field services, government contracting, tourism, and all the other things we do."