Dog trials

Well it's finally happened, KTVF has gone to the dogs – literally!

Our cameras were at the Tanana Valley Fairgrounds for the kickoff of a competitive weekend for the Tanana Valley Kennel club.

For the past couple of days, dogs of all breeds along with their owners have been running through an obstacle course consisting of jumps, weaves, and crawling through a tunnel in the shortest amount of time.

The competitors are not only fighting for ribbons, but the opportunity to go on to further competition with the goal of national recognition.

Spectators are encouraged to come out and witness good teamwork between the dogs and their handlers.

Terri Morefield with the Kennel Club says spectators who come to see the races will be entertained.

"When you're a spectator what we want you to see is a dog an handler team that have had some training, having a good time running on the courses doing obstacles," said Morefield. "There are several contact obstacles that we drop down to a lower height for the younger dogs and introduce them on how to perform the obstacles correctly."

If you do plan on going to the dog trials, please leave your dogs at home, as this is a major distraction.