Disbursal of Bed Tax Revenues


Yesterday, the City of Fairbanks Bed Tax Committee allocated a total of 270–thousand dollars to 24–different local organizations.

Groups, organizations, or businesses meeting the criteria of promoting the city, aiding in the economic development, and encouraging tourism to the Fairbanks area, all received money after first meeting with the six member Committee.

That came after filling out an extensive packet in hopes to get funding.

The largest chunk of the 270–thousand dollar pot of money, as has been customary, went to the Fairbanks Arts Association, as they garnered just over 57–thousand dollars.

Officials there say the money is spread over at least 10 smaller programs within that agency.

Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks received the smallest amount at just under 21–hundred dollars.


The Hotel–Motel Bed Tax Committee was appointed to their positions by Fairbanks City Mayor Jerry Cleworth, and is headed by Fairbanks City Councilman Jim Matherly.