Disaster exercise winds down

Hundreds of people from public safety, military and nonprofit agencies were involved in Alaska shield 2014, the largest disaster preparedness exercise in the states history.

The event started March 27th, and wrapped up today.

It was designed to test the response and coordination of different agencies in a disaster scenario

Lt. Gen. Russell  Handy of Alaskan Command said "we have a series of a dozen exercises across the nation, with Alaska being the focus."

The Alaska Shield commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Alaska quake and tsunami, and showed the assets and technology available now to deal with such an event.

Governor Sean Parnell said "In those days, we didn't have any kind of response like we have today and we still need to train to be ready, and that's what this is about. It's about pulling together our federal partners, our state partners, our nonprofit partners, and working together as a team for the benefit of Alaskans in need."

The exercise consisted of simulated disasters from Anchorage to the Mat–Su Borough, Cordova, Valdez and Fairbanks.

Governor Parnell added "I've been able to see everything from the incident command center in Anchorage to the field hospital here in Palmer, saw National Guard from other states in Valdez yesterday. I'm just very impressed with the coordination and the team effort that's going into this exercise."