Disabled Veterans

The State of Alaska has established a number of benefits for Disabled Veterans in recognition of the sacrifice they made for the security of the country.
The special benefits for Disabled Veterans are designed to allow them to live their life with dignity and respect.
Today and Saturday at the Westmark Hotel a coalition of Disabled Veterans are holding their annual convention marking their 25th year for the association.
The DAV group statewide makes it their annual goal each year to insure that all Disabled Veterans and military families are cared for and all their medical, financial, and spiritual needs are addressed. Earl Valentine this year Alaska DAV President says their main goal is protect and care for their fellow veterans. ""There are several strong programs. Each chapter have basically their own programs.One of our chapter does have a program where we actually have a trust fund, where we go out in extra to help disabled veterans from a domissory, whose homeless veterans that have come out of the cold to get back into society."