Disability Awareness Events feature wheelchair basketball

FAIRBANKS-Today at the fair I took part in another challenge. Wheelchair basketball and an obstacle course in the Disability Awareness Events. Tomorrow from noon-6pm at the fair you can experience what people with disabilities have to go through.

The obstacle course had ramps, rough terrain and narrow passages that people wheelchairs have to deal with on a daily basis. You could try to go through the course as a blind person as well. The wheelchair basketball was fun. The hoopers and I hit a couple of baskets.

All of this will be going on at Totem Square by the blue gate at the Fair. These events are sponsored by Access Alaska and Wallbusters. I talked to the organizers who say it's all about access and getting out important information to the community.

"This is the 82nd annual fair. This is the first time we've had pavement on the fairgrounds," Justin Stuller said. Stuller is the concessions and operations manager for the Tanana Valley State Fair. "So we've got people with limited mobility now being able to come to the fairgrounds and enjoy every aspect of it like all of the citizens of the community can," Stuller said.
The event sponsors for the two day event are Wallbusters and Access Alaska who are advoctes for people with disability. Rick Webb says this about letting the community see that people with disabilities have a lot to offer.

"We're trying to show people that people with disabilities can still do things that people without a disability do," Webb said. "We're just trying to get out information and make people aware there is life-full life living with a disability."