Department of Transportation projects make progress

FAIRBANKS, AK - An existing road project will be modified starting Sunday evening and a new project will get underway Monday.

Both will affect travel and State of Alaska Department of Transportation want drivers to be aware.

D.O.T. officials say they are pleased with progress on the Illinois Street Project and are happy portions of the improvement plan are ahead of schedule.

"We are working on a detour that will go through the old Alaska Industrial Hardware parking lot, so we are working with our contractor, HC, and they are willing to open that up and allow traffic to be able to go through from Minnie Street over through Phillips Field Road through that route," said Public Information Officer, Meadow Bailey.

The redirect of traffic flow will still make southbound travel through the area restricted, but Phillips Field Road access is a top priority.

"Well, right now Phillips Field is closed to thru traffic and that's been hard for people to get around it, it's definitely confusing,” Bailey Said.  “The closure on Phillips Field Road was expected to last about two weeks and we were able to get in there and HC got the work done in about three and a half days so we definitely got ahead of schedule and we always take advantage of that when we can."

Across town, Exclusive Paving will begin work on University Avenue on a much–needed resurfacing project.

"It'll start at the project nearest the Mitchell (Expressway) end of that project and the project runs from the Mitchell to the railroad tracks just near Hutchison High School," said Bailey.

The 1.4 million project is projected to last only four to six weeks.

"We're hoping to have all the paving done by the end of June and there'll be a couple of weeks to put the striping down, the permanent striping,”  Bailey said.  “This project is a simple mill and pave, we're going in and taking off the first inch of the pavement and then will come in and lay down new pavement."

As always, road closures and delays can be expected sporadically.

D.O.T. advises drivers to plan ahead of time and obey all traffic signs and posted speeds.