Department of Defense reduces the number of furlough days

The Department of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has announced that many D-O-D civilian employees will see some relief from the furloughs.

The civilians affected by the furloughs have had to take a weekly unpaid day off since the 8th of July; the number of days has officially been reduced from 11 to 6.

According to an announcement from Hagel, D-O-D with the help of Congress were able to find savings that could reduce these furlough days.

Hagel also said that the savings have led to improved Military Training, readiness, and also have allowed the Air Force to begin flying again here in Alaska and Nationwide.

The D-O-D has now begun to look at Fiscal Year 2014, and a possible 52 billion dollar cut beginning October 1st, which would be 40 percent more than 2013’s 37 billion.