Delta fugitive arrested after alleged assault on acquaintance.

A 32-year old Delta Junction man is in jail on a "no bail" status for assaulting a female acquaintance, and then evading law enforcement forcing the state's Fugitive Task Force into action

in order to ensure his arrest.

In a news release, during the late evening hours of April 30, Troopers received "multiple 911 calls" from a female reporting she was being held captive at a residence.

Troopers responded and were able to make contact with the female outside of the residence.

Phone contact was established with the suspect, who was identified as Ralph Wells, of Delta.

They say Wells, at the time, had an outstanding $20,000 warrant for Assault in the 2nd Degree for an incident that took place earlier that month.

Troopers obtained an additional "no bail" warrant for Ralph N. Wells for Assault in the 2nd Degree, and Assault in the 4th Degree.

They say Wells was arrested after he fled into his residence and hid underneath the residence, which was accessed by a hole in the floor.

Troopers say Wells was "non-compliant" with verbal commands to exit the hole until a K-9 unit arrived on scene to aid in his apprehension.