DEC says regulations won't affect voter initiative

The State Department of Environmental Conservation says regulations they are proposing would not affect an initiative passed by borough voters.

The initiative stops the borough from regulating air quality.

A group led by state Representative Tammie Wilson turned in enough signatures to get the issue on the ballot and it passed in the last Municipal Election.

Wilson says regulating air quality should be a function of the state Department of Environmental Conservation.




However, some say the new regulations being proposed by D E C would allow the Borough to again rEgulate air quality. Steve Mulder of the State Department of Law said "DEC has proposed some regulations addressing various aspects of the pm2.5 problem. In the situation with Fairbanks where initiative proposition three was passed that basically prohibits the borough from regulating or prohibiting or curtailing use of the appliances and fuel d e c regulations will not nullify or impact the voter initiative."