Deadline to file 2013 PFD tonight.

The deadline to file for the 2013 Alaska Permanent Fund dividend is tonight (Sunday).

The application process for PFD checks began January 1st, and continues through 11:59 p.m. this evening.

This applies to online filing only.

All applications received on April 1st or after will be denied as late applications.

Majorie Marlow, who supervises the PFD Office in Fairbanks says despite constant warnings, many Alaskans

will still miss the filing deadline.

"There is no recourse for any application that we get in late," says Marlow.

"And unfortunately, we always get folks who come in on April 1st, who have missed the deadline.  And there's nothing

that we can do at that point, so we just always encourage everyone to file as soon as possible.

The amount of the 2013 Permanent Fund will be announced in the Fall.

Last year, each eligible Alaskan received a dividend of 878 dollars.