Day of Remembrance

The Fort Wainwright community hosted a Holocaust Days of Remembrance observance today, at the Fort Wainwright, Last Frontier Club.
The event was held to recognize the murder of 13 million people as part of an ethnic cleansing plan by dictator Adolph Hitler during world war 2.
More than 6 million Jewish residents were killed in what has now been classified as the Holocaust.
This day was set aside to remember the horror that those individuals went through with a goal for it never to happen again.
However according to today's guest speaker who lost family members in the Holocaust, that evil may be resurfacing. Harvey Kurzbard says there are still many lessons to be learned.
I'm hoping they understand that hate and bigotry aren't acceptable.
And that connection needs to be made even though these things happened 75 years ago, that things like this are still happening today.
Everywhere, from overseas to even the playgrounds.
And people can walk away knowing that's not acceptable that people can make a change."