Dan Sullivan: "optimism" about Alaska's future


For the past couple of years many speakers have voiced concern and skepticism about the economic outlook for the state.
Yesterday, the State Commissioner for the Department of Natural Resources expressed optimism that the State was actually on the verge of economic recovery.
Dan Sullivan told an audience yesterday that because of an agreement with Exxon Oil, development of Point Thompson on the North Slope would mean more jobs for Alaskans and an economic bonus for the State.
In a chat with Newscenter 11, Sullivan told us "It's a cautious note of optimism, but in terms of what happened in the past year, we did see a lot more of investment particularly by some very big companies.  And there's a lot of exploration going on.  We haven't gotten back yet of what that is bringing about, but we're continuing to focus on that.  Hey, more drilling, more investment, and getting gas under contract, which the utilities in South central have concerns about, and so do we."