Court Documents reveal identity of 2nd Wedgewood Manor shooter

Court Documents have identified the second suspect in an apartment shooting at Wedewood Manor.

According to Fairbanks Police, 16-year-old Chester Fields was indicted on multiple charges yesterday and will be charged as an adult in the case.

An affidavit reports that both Fields and 21-year-old Isaiah Cross went to Wedgewood to "collect money owed to them."

Upon arrival both wore bandanas over their faces and forced their way into the hotel, where they reportedly used a BB Gun, .40 Caliber handgun, and 9mm handgun.

A blood trail led Police to the Trailblazer where Cross hid after being shot multiple times; police later contacted 16-year-old Fields and recovered the handgun reportedly used in the shooting.

Fields is being held at Fairbanks Youth Facility on other charges without bail.