Convicted killer in '97 Hartman murder receives new hearing.

The high profile, and controversial 1997 murder of John Hartman is once again back in the news, as one of the men convicted of killing the 15 year old boy, has cleared a major

hurdle in his quest for a new trial.

Earlier this week, the Alaska Supreme Court announced Eugene Vent deserves the right to argue for a new trial.

In 2012, Vent was victorious when the Alaska Court of Appeals ruled that a lower court improperly handled his accusations that he received

ineffective counsel during his 1999 jury trial.

The State had appeal the ruling, effectively sending it to the higher court, who this week refused to hear the case.

The high court decision now sends the issue back to the trial court level, where Vent will have another chance to prove his claims.

No date has been set for that hearing.

Vent, Marvin Roberts, Kevin Pease and George Frese are all serving between 33 and 79 years in jail for the Hartman murder.

The teenager was found lying on a street corner, badly beaten and sexually assaulted, in downtown Fairbanks during the early morning

hours of October 11, 1997.

He died the following day at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.