Continuing to press for Natural Gas in the Interior


 The state commissioner of commerce, community and economic development spent the day in the Fairbanks and North Pole areas yesterday, presenting governor Parnell's plan to get natural gas to the interior.
At a meeting with the Lowell group, commissioner Susan Bell, and Gene Therriault (Terry–O) from the Alaska industrial and energy authority, outlined the governors legislation.
That proposal includes 355 million dollars for the entity or entities chosen to start the project.
Bell said they hope to come out of the 90 day legislative session with approval of the bills related to the governors proposals so aidea will have a stake in it.
Additional measures would be needed for bonding and financing.
Bell told Newscenter 11 "We are very excited about the momentum that we have in Juneau with the legislature but it's very important that Fairbanks understand where we're at, that they continue to be supportive and we move this financing packwidge, package forward."
We will have more on this story tonight, on the Fairbanks Evening News and Newscenter Final.