Continuing to press for Natural Gas in the Interior


A proposal for state backing for trucking North Slope gas to Fairbanks took a step forward late last week when the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee voted to pass the legislation on to the next committee.
The 355 million dollar funding package of mostly loans would go to a state stake in a North Slope processing facility and a distribution network in the Interior.
The legislation was amended by Senator  Donny Olson, a Democrat from Golovin, to open up language that would have limited financing for distribution to just within the Fairbanks North Star Borough.
Committee members still appear to have lingering concerns about the plan but said those should be covered in the next committee.
Reached for comment late Friday, State Representative Tammie Wilson says lawmakers will continue to make this plan their number one priority.
She told Newscenter 11 "You know as an interior delegation and being a senior member of the house we are fighting together on the senate side and the house and to know that the trucking project is the nearest thing that we have and to get that project jump started and within two years right now is when we should see the first gas from the north slope we are pushing hard and we do not plan on coming back without having that project through."