Congressman Young under fire for derogatory remarks.

Alaska Congressman Don Young has been receiving alot of criticism as of late, and while he's issuing responses through

news releases, he's not talking any further to the media.

The Republican lawmaker, Alaska's lone congressman, has held the state's only seat in the U.S. House of Representatives since


He's also had his share of controversy.

Young is currently the focus of an investigation by the House Ethics Committee for alleged misdeeds, but its comments he made

this week to Ketchikan radio station KRBD that are drawing the most fire, even from fellow Republicans.

Young was quoted calling Hispanic migrant workers "wetbacks," a term he says was used when he was growing up on his father's farm in


He used the term to describe workers who picked tomatos on the farm.

Republican and Democratic lawmakers immediately denounced Young's remarks, and asked that he apologize.

Young issued a statement say he (quote) "meant no disrespect" by his comments.

Alaska lawmakers called Young's remarks "irresponsible."

"For someone who has been in office for 40 years, if you didn't understand that those comments would be taken out of context, then maybe you've been in office

too long," said Alaska State Representative Scott Kawasaki, a Democrat from Fairbanks.

Alaska Democratic Party Chairman Michael Wenstrup called Young "out of touch."

"I think its a shame that we're Alaskans currently represented by Representative Young who does seem to be out of touch with the way America is moving

 and the way Alaska's moving forward," said Wenstrup.

"His comments are just sort of the latest in a long string of just bad comments and "off the cuff" remarks he's made over the years that have really embarrassed

Alaska.  It's a shame that 50 years after the Civil Rights Act, we're still having congressmen feel they can make comments that are so offensive."

Despite many people calling for Young to resign, he feels otherwise.

He says he plans to run for re-election next year, further saying he "doesn't know anyone who can do a better job other than him."