Community working with the military

Many Commanders and Generals over the past years have stated that in all their travels they have never seen a community more supportive to the military than Fairbanks and North Pole.

A prime example of that was on display today at Fort Wainwright when more than 120 volunteers from the Fairbanks and North Pole area combine to clean up trash as part of the 12 annual "Community Partnership" day

Working with soldiers and airmen the volunteers focused on the Glass Park area along the Chena River to the Steese Highway.






Afterwards the Commander of the United States Army Alaska gave his thanks to the troops and the volunteers for their efforts. "One thing I've said when I was here before and I say it again, in about 28 years of service. I've never seen the type of community support that I've seen in Alaska.

This is a great example. I mean you've got active, guard, reserve, Air Force, Army all working with the local community and taking responsibility for what's ours."

Executive Director for the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce says their was a great turnout of volunteers.

"So we cleaned up trash and debris and deadwood and a couple of camps were left back in the woods.

So we brought up all the trash from those.

And cleaned up the snow dump that is on state property cause it kind of adjoins Fort Wainwright."