Cold weather to continue

The biggest question going around currently is what has happened to Spring? Over the weekend a daily record for low temperatures was broken, and there doesn't seem to be any relief in sight. The culprit is a huge area of high pressure that is currently parked over the Bering Sea.

The clockwise flow is continuing to bring down Arctic air from the north, and until that system breaks down the pattern will remain the same.

The only good thing about this scenario is that with the huge snowpack we have, melting has been kept to a minimum and this in turn is keeping any excessive ice jams or flooding to occur

Bob Fischer with the National Weather Service says right now the threat of flooding is low.

"Well that's right, I think what we're seeing now you know is remaining below normal.
But edging slowly up where we should see probably the most likely scenario, maybe a very gradual snowmelt, with maybe some softening of the river ice."

All indications are that this system out to the west is slowly breaking down, however another reinforcement of cold air could mean an extension of the unseasonably cool temperatures into the weekend.