Clean 4th of July races at the North Pole Speedway

NORTH POLE, AK-There was some 4th of July racing going on in the Interior last night. The North Pole Speedway had its Military Appreciation night. It was pretty clean night of racing as well.

In the Bandos class Jessica King and Justin Sammons alternated wins in the first two heats. However, in the main event, Sammons had some body issues. His back hatch flew off and he finished the race without it. Jessica King seized control and captured the checkered flag.

In the Legends class All Trettel got a close win in the first heat then Rod Harker led the way in heat two. But in the main event it was all Dave Behling. A caution was out after Ryan Cote's car spun out for the second time. He would be done for the night. Behling punched it after the restart and no could catch him for the main event checkered flag.

Sean O'Hara was second and rookie Austin Cote who came off his first career win in Legends last week finished third.

King talks about the Bandos field being a two car race.

"Me and Justin are really close competitiors . We're always really close like, during the whole race. So I like racing against Justin it gives me some competition," King said.
Sammons describe the situation with his back hatch flying off during the Bandons main event race.

"I came around the corner on the caution and I saw it I was like 'oh well son of a cracker it just popped off'. But it gives a good show to everybody that's out there watching going 'hey look at that motor'. And they can see the shocks and everything running as well," Sammons said.
Behling and his team, who won the legends main event have a simple approach to each week of racing.

"Pretty much stay clean. That's our goal every night is to stay out of accident and finish every race," Behling said.
Austin Cote, the rookie feels that he is getting the hang of Legends racing. It comes down to a few basics.

"Definitely improving getting used to the track a little bit. It's all about handling and the line out there. If you keep your line you won't get passed, you'll make time, you'll end of being a faster driver," Cote said.

Now let's take a look at the current point standings. Justin Sammons is leading the Bandos class but Steven Hunter has been consistent and is 54 points behind. Whitney Parzick is in third place with 1277. Jessica King is fourth with 1196. Destiney Todd is fifth with 1005.
In the Legends class Dave Behling is your top driver with 1791 points. Al Trettel 80 points behind. Daniel Slayden is third putting up 1672 points. Slayden is followed by the father son combo of Ryan and Austin Cote who round out the top 5 in Legends with 1512 and 1498 points respectively.