City of Fairbanks Bed Tax Committee met last evening

Last evening, the City of Fairbank's Bed Tax Committee held its annual meeting, and the subject, groups, organizations, or businesses meeting the criteria of promoting the city, aiding in the economic development, and encouraging tourism to the Fairbanks area. Each year these Organizations meet with the Committee after filling out an extensive packet in hopes to get funding.

The purpose of the meeting last evening was for the committee to hear each of the organizations propositions and from those will later delegate which gets funding, and how much.

The Bed Tax Committee has nearly 270 thousand dollars to distribute.

The Newscenter spoke to Committee Chairman Jim Matherly about the meeting, he said "We are all volunteers and we want to make sure we can help everybody, of course you want to give everyone a huge chunk of the money but you can't. But they're all deserving and they are all worthy of the money."

Tune in tonight for the story.