Children's Museum

The folks at the Fairbanks Children Museum are pretty happy these days, as beginning the 1st of October they will have a new location. Thanks to the cooperation from the Museum of the North, a section has been set aside for the Children's Museum.

And one new addition will delight the kids, a pin screen that encourages participation and creativity.

Over the past weeks volunteers from the Downtown Rotary club and other businesses have been meticulously placing thin tubes into holes to create the pin wall.




Brenda Riley Executive Director for the Children's museum says it will be great addition to other unique toys and displays."So pin screens I've seen in several children's museums across the country and they're a lot of fun because they're interactive, they show cause and effect.You put your hand into it an imprint of your hand comes out on the other side and it's that original side.

And kids love it, it's very fun, and very tactile, it encourages exploration." Jo Kuchle President for the Fairbanks Downtown Rotary Club says this was a project her club supported strongly.

"Well we thought the Chidren's Museum was an excellent organization.

They had come and presented to our club and we wanted to do a project with the Children's Museum.

It was actually suggested by one of our Rotarians Skip Cook, that we do a project with the Children's Museum and that started the inquiry."