Children and Cyber Safety; What does their 'Digital Footprint' mean to them?

The ever changing features of the internet can be deemed difficult to navigate by many. However, today's teens have grown up in the age of the internet and they can quickly find new social platforms to explore.
Fairbanks North Star Borough School District I.T. teacher David Dyer says it’s important for students to be taught how to navigate these platforms correctly.
The web has transformed over the years and leaves students constantly connected, which can change things socially for many.
How do teachers and schools deal with these changes? Well, they start by teaching them how to make good choices in their "Digital Footprints."
The School District teachers stress the importance of having a clean “digital footprint” because it can follow students for years to come.
Cyber bullying is another concern for students and parents and although the teachers have seen some instances of this in the schools, they say the best way for parents to protect their kids is to stay involved in their social media.
That way they can monitor for any illicit behavior; finally another way for parents to stay involved is through open communication.
The Internet provides students each day with endless resources and if used correctly, it can expand education and socialization preparing students for their futures.