Chena Summit at Carlson Center May 1st

The Chena River plays a major role in the King Salmon populations, which in turn provides for Villages up along the Yukon River.

May 1st the Alaska Fish and Wildlife will be hosting a special summit at the Carlson Center to address what the public can do to clean up the Chena River.

The hope is that with more education the Salmon run will recover from previous record low returns.

The summit will also have other lectures and presentations covering a number of subjects related to fish and wildlife in the interior.

Jimmy Fox with the Alaska Fish and Wildlife Service says the summit will focus on educating the public on fish and wildlife.

"That's right its more about fish and wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities along the river.

Impediments on the river, recreational opportunities, habitat restoration projects people can get involved in.

Then what are the economic values that the river provides the community.

That are also the values you know the fish and wildlife values, economic and recreational values."