Chamber luncheon on Tuesday

"Who owns Alaska?"
This was the opening statement from former Alaska Governor and U.S. Senator Frank Murkowski addressing a large gathering of local business leaders. 
Murkowski went on to say that he could not understand why the Federal Government would not allow exploration and production of oil on Federal lands.
He says he has been shown facts and numbers that show the taps line could be completely filled.
And that the nation would have an abundance of oil, if federal regulations were reduced or even discarded.
But Murkowski says environmental lobby groups are standing in the way of this becoming a reality.

Governor Murkowki also stated:

"These are the kind of things that are occurring in Alaska on too much land, but its Federal land and they have the power and authority to do it.
But it's not the people that are carrying out these orders, the agency heads.
It's policy coming from the administration, that are influenced so heavily by extreme environmental movements."