Chamber luncheon

With the horrific after effects of the winter storm that struck the area a few weeks ago fresh in everyone's mind, today the Chamber thanked the employees from Golden Valley Electric for their extreme efforts.
Afterwards the President and CEO for the Golden Valley Electric Association said they had learned a lot from storm repairs and were prepared for the next issue should it arise.
The big news of the day was that GVEA announced they had purchased the contract for the Healy Coal power plant and hoped in the near future to have it on line to provide a consistent power source and lower rates to their customers. Cory Borgeson President and CEO for GVEA says the Healy Coal Power Plant will make a big difference to customers".Well what we hope to do is start the plant in the first quarter of 2015 and it may be a little bit longer but around that time frame. And the plant will produce power very cost effectively using coal and I have mentioned before we're gonna have the best clean coal technology available, the best environmental control as possible for that plant
And we've got a very long 300 year supply of coal so it's going to be a very stable cost and we won't see the fluctuations in the cost in power as we've seen; once we get this Healy 2 plant done."