Car that hit numerous people in Texas may have been driven by Fairbanksan

In Austin, Texas, a car sped into a large crowd of people, killing two, and injuring over 20.

And the driver is believed to be from Fairbanks.  

Austin police say 21 year old Rashad Charjuan Owens was the driver in the deadly downtown wreck.

He will be charged with two counts of capital murder and 23 counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle.

Police say the car he was driving plowed thru a crowded street full of people who were waiting for a concert.

A Central Texas woman riding on the back of a moped and a man from the Netherlands on a bicycle were killed

Police say Owens sped away from an officer after being stopped on suspicion of DWI a few blocks earlier.

Owens almost hit a police officer with the car while trying to get away, according to police.

Police say he then went the wrong way on Ninth Street, plowed through a barricade on Red River Street, and hit the people in the crowd.

Police say he tried to run after hitting a van, but was stopped by an officer using a Taser.

According to Alaska court records, Owens was convicted here in Fairbanks on charges of drunk driving, leaving the scene of an accident and probation violation in 2011.