A Bridge to Somewhere!


Yesterday, an enthusiastic group of Fairbanksans gathered downtown to celebrate the opening of the new Barnette Street Bridge.

It was a momentous occasion and there were people from across the community there to see it happen.

The celebration was also coupled with a procession of Veteran's in and around the Interior, and the ribbon was cut on the bridge by Native Veterans in antique cars.

After the procession, Senator Mark Begich and others gathered at the Morris Thompson Visitors Center to talk about the importance of the bridge and it's opening on Veteran's Day, to Interior Residents.

And a number of community leaders thanked the local businesses and key individuals in the completion of the project.


The new bridge connects southbound Illinois Street with Barnette Street.

The Cushman Street Bridge now is a one–way northbound bridge.

Now even though the new bridge is open, there's actually still more to be done.

Mayor Hopkins told Newscenter 11 yesterday that we can look forward to Art work and landscaping that will be added later to fully complete the project.