BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: US Army awaits approval for recovery mission of 9 year old boy

As we reported earlier, on Saturday evening the Newscenter spoke to Alaska State Troopers who confirmed that a 9-year old boy had fallen through a moulin on a glacier at Arctic Man.

At this hour the Newscenter has spoken to both Alaska State Troopers Spokeswoman Megan Peters as well as US Army Alaska Public Affairs Officer, Ltc. William Coppernol.

Ltc. Coppernol stated, "A team from the Army's Northern Warfare Training Center is standing by to support with the recovery efforts. US Army Alaska is working closely with State and Regional officials to get approval to support the mission from the Secretary of Defense through US Northern Command. The NWTC assets are the only available resources to perform the recovery in a timely manner. Our thoughts and prayers are with the child's family and loved ones."

Troopers Spokeswoman Megan Peters said the boy went behind a hill and had fallen through the glacier at what is called a moulin, or hole.  At this time the boy’s status is presumed, “deceased.”  Megan Peters also stated that “the recovery is taking so long due to the expertise needed and the difficult nature of the task.”

This is a developing story and the Newscenter will have more details as they emerge.