BREAKING NEWS: Treadwell to make run for U.S. Senate.

In a news release issued early Tuesday morning, Alaska Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell

has made it official.

He will not seek re-election as the state's second in command, opting instead to make a run for

the U.S. Senate seat currently held my Democrat Mark Begich.

Treadwell had announced in February, here in Fairbanks, that he had formed an exploratory

committee on the issue, but had ruled out whether or not he would actually run.

Treadwell spoke to News Center 11 in February about his plans.

He says the country is in a state he calls unacceptable, and that his energy should be focused


Treadwell's announcement sets up an interesting race for Begich's seat.

Treadwell must first win the Republican primary against Tea Party favorite, and former 2010

U.S. Senatorial candidate Joe Miller.

This is a developing story.

News Center 11 will have more later this evening.