BREAKING NEWS: Marvin Roberts denied parole.

Sources close to News Center 11 early Friday say that Marvin Roberts, one of the four men convicted in the 1997 murder of John Hartman, has been denied parole by

an Alaska-based Parole Board.

KTVF Channel 11 Reporter Darryl Lewis spoke, via telephone, with Roberts mother, Hazel Roberts, who called the decision "disheartening and disgusting."

"I am so very angry right now," said Roberts. "I don't understand. His Probation Officer even wrote to the Parole Board asking that he (Marvin) be released."

Supporters on Thursday had been hoping for a different outcome, as many gathered at Saint Matthews Church downtown, as a prayer vigil was held in order to

address Roberts hearing, which took place yesterday at Hudson (Colorado) Correctional Facility near Denver.

"Our hope and, I think, our prayer for the Board is that they just listen to Marvin and that they allow him to claim innocence," said April Monroe-Frick, who heads

the organization "Free The Fairbanks Four." "He's an innocent man."

Hazel Roberts says her son has been told to "come back in a couple years, and then be transferred to the halfway house (North Star Center)" near Fairbanks.

Roberts called that "unacceptable."

"Two more years? It's ridiculous."

This is a developing story.

News Center 11 will have more information as it becomes available.